Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Chris Mills shares with us the latest cover for his Femme Noir comic book, which just showed up in his e-mail this evening.

Digital painting by Alfredo Lopez Jr. over a pencil drawing by Joe Staton. Currently scheduled for Issue #3, due out in August or so.

I can't wait for this series to start!


David Foster said...

Hi Paul,

Just responding to your 'Header' question. I am still learning as I go along. I only learned how to do hyperlinks just before Christmas.
In case you interested, the code is:

Link text

In the red section you add the web address you want people to go to, and in the black section you write what you want to appear on your blog. For users, it's a lot easier than cutting and pasting the web addresses - they can go direct to the link.

But to the header issue.
It’s funny the first time you set up your header, blogger won’t let you do this – but on the second time you edit your header, new options appear.

So first – go to “Template”.
Then in your “Header” option hit the “edit” button.
A new window will open with the the information you have entered for your header...”Bish’s Beat” etc...

But now there is a new option to add an image. I tried to link an image from my computer, like I do for my normal posts, but I couldn’t get it to work properly.

So now I link to the Header image which I keep on the Photobucket website. So you may need an account with one of the numerous online photo galleries that are on the web. There are heaps of them out there, and nearly all are free. As I said, I use photobucket.

Photo Bucket

Next you upload your header image. You have a choice of keeping your title and description or 'instead' of title and description. So you can upload a plain image, and have your original wording over the top, or you can have a banner that says it all, and not use the wording.

I hope that makes sense.


David Foster said...

Er, I stuffed up with that Hyperlink trying to show you the code, I have created a Hyperlink that goes nowhere... sorry about that.

Maybe it's better if I let the professionals explain.

Click here.