Saturday, May 3, 2008



So, you think you know your James Bond / Ian Fleming trivia. Here’s a little quiz from Random House to test just how good you are:


1) Although James Bond is regarded by many as the quintessential English hero, he is actually not English. What is his nationality in the books?

2) Bond has had many famous incarnations on the big screen but, prior to these, he was first played on the radio by which British actor and game show host?

3) Which Bond villain shares a birthday with his creator?

4) Which American President was a big fan of the Fleming novels?

5) Which famed children's author helped Ian Fleming adapt his children's adventure story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the big screen?

6) Where did Fleming write all his Bond books?

7) Although Ursula Andress wears the most famous bikini in cinema history in her iconic performance in "Doctor No," in Fleming's novel of the same name the character Honeychile Rider wears even less. What does she wear?

8) The first Bond novel, Casino Royale, originally had a different title when it was published in the US. Under what title was it initially published in America?

9) What is James Bond's favorite meal?

10) Who is Miss Moneypenny named for?


1) He is half Scottish and half Swiss. He also hates that most English of drinks, tea - and describes it as 'mud'!

2) Bob Holness of Blockbusters fame

3) Ernst Stavro Blofeld. On Her Majesty's Secret Service reveals that Blofeld was born on 28 May 1908. Ian Lancaster Fleming entered the world on the same day at 7 Green Street in London.

4) President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was known to be a big fan of Fleming and listed From Russia With Love as one of his top 10 favourite books. Bizarrely, both Kennedy and his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald are believed to have been reading Bond novels the night before Kennedy was killed.

5) Roald Dahl.

6) At Goldeneye, his Jamaican home. Although now part of a luxurious holiday resort, the house was very basic in Fleming's time - so much so that his friend and neighbour Noel Coward referred to it as Goldeneye, Nose and Throat!

7) She is naked save for a knife-belt.

8) The initial title in America was Too Hot To Handle.

9) Breakfast. He has a particular penchant for scrambled eggs, and the short story "007 in New York" even includes his own recipe for them.

10) Miss Moneypenny was named after a character in an unpublished novel written by Ian Fleming's brother, the travel writer Peter Fleming.

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