Friday, July 18, 2008



Charles Ardai, the fearless leader at Hard Case Crime, is launching a new pulp adventure series called
THE ADVENTURES OF GABRIEL HUNT. Here’s what he has to say about it:

"These books are for anyone who grew up reading H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs or watching Harrison Ford wield his bullwhip at the movies," said Ardai. "We're talking classic adventure fiction, complete with horses, snakes, shovels, pickaxes, torches, traps, bottomless pits, barroom brawls, jungles, jewels, and just about everything else that's ever made your heart beat faster. Like Hard Case Crime before it, the Gabriel Hunt series is a true labor of love. Everyone working on it is doing so with a wild gleam in the eye and the gas pedal pressed to the floor, and the result is the sort of exultant seat-of-the-pants storytelling that makes you feel 14 years old all over again."

The series will be published under house name Gabriel Hunt, but will actually be penned by Hard Case vets and other well known pulp enthusiasts.

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The King Of Cool said...

Those sound great. That's right up the alley of a lot of what I read anyway.