Friday, July 18, 2008



Yet another BBC series is being adapted for American audiences. Only this time, it sounds like it's going to be a movie.

Universal Pictures will be adapting the 1999 BBC series Second Sight which launched the career of Clive Owen. He starred as homicide detective Ross Tanner, who leads an elite unit that tackles high-profile murder cases while suffering from a rare degenerative eye disease that causes hallucinations and increasing blindness.

Universal Pictures has tapped Craig Rosenberg to adapt the BBC series, which will be produced by Angry Film's Don Murphy and Susan Montford. Rosenberg's credits include DreamWorks' upcoming thriller The Uninvited, based on South Korean horror pic A Tale of Two Sisters. He also penned New Line's After the Sunset and was a staff writer on ABC's Lost.

Murphy most recently produced New Line actioner "Shoot 'Em Up," which also starred Clive Owen.

I enjoy Second Sight when it originally aired here as part of PBS's Mystery anthology and later on BBC America. It’s a little far fetched, but Owen did a fantastic job in the lead role. IMHO, he’d be perfect for the American adaptation, but even with his connections to the producer of this new version, it’s highly, highly doubtful that it would happen.

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The King Of Cool said...

Great news. I had watched this myself. It would be wonderful if Clive would play his role in the American movie version. I do hope that the actor they get will measure up.