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Adam Adamant Lives! was a British television series that ran from 1966 to 1967 on the BBC. Proposing that an adventurer from the early 20th century had been revived from hibernation in 1966, the show was a comedy adventure that took a satirical look at life in the 1960s through the eyes of an Edwardian.
The show was designed to challenge The Avengers – it’s on air competition – but suffered from a smaller budget and network infighting.

I’ve known about Adam Adamant for years and have always been intrigued by it, but I've never able to see any of the elusive episodes. Finally, through a contanct on the Yahoo Groups U.N.C.L.E. list, I have a complete set of the surviving episodes on DVD.

If you can appreciate it for the time frame in which it was made, Adam Adamant Lives! is great stuff. Corny and hokey by today’s standards, it doesn’t hold up as well as The Avengers, and it is clear why the latter was more popular. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this slice of British television history.

Wikipedia has an extensive entry on Adam Adamant Lives!

The main character, Adam Llewellyn De Vere Adamant, was a swashbuckling Edwardian gentleman adventurer, frozen in a block of ice in 1902 by his arch-nemesis "The Face" and revived in 1966. On emerging from a hospital and collapsing on the London streets, Adam was rescued by Georgina Jones. Though in many ways a typical swinging sixties chick, Jones had grown up idolizing Adamant through tales of his turn-of-the-century exploits. Adamant soon became embroiled in the criminal world of the 1960s when Georgina was threatened after becoming witness to a murder. Subsequently, Adam rebuilt his old home on the top of a multi-story car park in central London and purchased a Mini Cooper S. During an adventure in Blackpool he acquired a manservant in the form of former music hall artiste William E. Simms. In terms of fashion, the series captured well the gradual shift in 1966-7 from the "mod" styles of "Swinging London" to the more Bohemian, eventually hippie, styles, that characterized the late sixties.


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