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I’ve finally gotten around to looking at my copy of Blood ‘n’ Thunder #20 (Spring 2008) and can see it’s another outstanding issue.

Kudos to Ed Hulse for continually producing a terrific zine that features thoughtful articles on not only pulps, but old-time radio and movies, or as the banner at the top of the cover says: “Adventure, Mystery, Melodrama.”

For instance, the cover story for the latest issue (No. 20, Spring 2008) looks at the turmoil leading up to Popular Publication’s purchase of Adventure and the efforts of its new editor, Howard Van Lieu Bloomfield, to recapture the glory of the magazine for its 25th anniversary issue.

Also in this issue is one of my favorite reads: a reprint from a vintage Writer’s Digest. This time out it’s tips on writing for the aviation pulps by Arch Whitehouse from 1931.

Another installment of “Cliffhanger Classics” finds Ed Hulse examining the brief careers of Pathe’s last serial team, Hugh Allan and Gladys McConnell, whose starring vehicles included The Tiger’s Shadow (1928) and The Fire Detective (1929). This article is illustrated with rare photos from the late Ms. McConnell’s personal collection.The previous issue of BnT looked at “ashcan” magazines printed for the Spicy line of pulps and celebrated the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage Magazine with an article by Will Murray on Lester Dent’s breakdown in the mid-1930s.

It’s a shame it’s only quarterly, but producing the zine takes quite a lot of effort. And I prefer the quality-to-quantity stance Ed takes with Blood ’n’ Thunder.

Single copies of Blood ‘n’ Thunder #20 are $6.00 plus $1.50 for postage. One-year (four-issue) subscriptions are available for $25. Payments should be made out and mailed to: Ed Hulse, 2467 Route 10 East, Bldg. 15, Apt. 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950.

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That looks awesome. I had never heard of that mag before.