Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Blog buddy Chris Mills (whose own comic caracter Femme Noir is a must read) featured Grimjack as his comic cover of the week stating:

"Tim Truman's cover for the first issue of Grimjack, probably still my favorite comic book series ever. Created by writer John Ostrander, the 80's series combined hardboiled detective fiction with sword & sorcery, sci-fi and sheer strangeness. Freelance tough guy John Gaunt, a/k/a Grimjack, worked the mean streets of the pan-dimensional city of Cynosure, where all universes meet, and physical laws can change from block to block.

"Amazing, inventive and gritty as all get out, Grimjack remains a marvelous example of the unlimited creative potential of the comic book medium, and I cannot fathom why the reprint volumes from IDW a couple years ago didn't sell a lot better. "

All I can add is DITTO!

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The King Of Cool said...

I've got a cousin who's a huge fan. I've checked it out some. Looks pretty awesome.