Thursday, August 21, 2008



I’m not exactly getting the connection between the martini lifestyle and the movies chosen by Sony to jump start their Martini Movies brand. However, Sony is claiming their new label Martini Movies will offer “hip and iconic films for the cool film lover.”

From the Sony Press release:

Straight men and con artists, radicals and revolutionaries, flacks and scabs: they’re all here, shooting the breeze, working the room , cursing the past and toasting the future. According to Sony, their selected Martini Movies feature the work of some of the finest actors and directors of the past fifty years and take us from the dawn of Hollywood to 1970’s Las Vegas con-games.

Films for the first slate of releases include
The New Centurions with George C. Scott; The Anderson Tapes starring Sean Connery and directed by Sidney Lumet; The Garment Jungle with Lee J. Cobb; Rita Hayworth-starrer Affair in Trinidad and $ (Dollars) starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn. All debuting on DVD (region 1 anyway) for the first time, these films will be released Sept. 23 @ $19.94 each.

Each DVD also will include “Martini Minutes,” which gives instructions on how to hold your liquor, how to pull off a heist and how to play the leading lady or man.



Movies like Pick Up On South Street, Casablanca and and of the dirty harry movies would help my martini go down.

The King Of Cool said...

I know what you mean. Not necessarily the movies I would choose for such a line.