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Fans of the '80s British television show Minder (and I count myself among their legion) will be at first excited and then probably dismayed to hear the TV classic - a mix of gritty violence and off-beat humor - is to be revived with Shane Ritchie (one of the stars of the long running English soap-opera EastEnders) playing con man Archie Daley, the nephew of 1980s wheeler dealer Arthur Daley (the difinitive George Cole). Actor Lex Shrapnel will play the 'Minder' role (originally portrayed by Dennis Waterman) in the new six-part series, to be broadcast on England's Channel Five next year.

The original cult series, starring Cole and Waterman, first aired in 1979 and ran for 15 years.

Unfortunately, the producers claim the 2009 version will move away from the gritty storylines of the 1980s in favour of more family-based drama. "We want to satisfy fans of the original, but will also add different elements in order to excite new viewers," said Jonathan Young, the executive producer for Talkback Thames, who are making the new series. This will probably doom the new series out of the box.

Each hour-long episode will be a self-contained story located around iconic London landmarks such as the London Eye and Borough Market. Channel Five's Ben Gale said the revived show would have "all the humour and charm of the original Minder".

"The assembled on and off-screen talent is exactly what's needed to bring this celebrated series to life for a new audience," he added.

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The King Of Cool said...

I never saw the original series, but I did hear a lot of praise from fans. It sounds like a shame that a reboot of it will lead to major changes. I always hate how they revive classics, but change them so much that they are hardly recognizable.