Monday, August 18, 2008



I recently did an interview regarding my writing career with host Dave White for his new radio show DAVE WHITE PRESENTS on KSAV radio located at

Dave sent me a note telling me the show came out great, requiring no editing, so I must not have tripped over my tongue too often.

The show will debut this Tuesday August 19, from 7:30-9PM Pacific time on KSAV radio. To listen, visit and follow the instruction on how to listen.

Beginning Wednesday, August 20, the program will be available 24/7 at DAVE'S WEBSITE
by clicking on the "Listen To The Latest" button.

If this goes over well me do another show – as Dave put it in his email: “I was struck by listening to our discussion that an interview about the LAPD and how it has changed from the days of Dragnet and Adam 12 would be interesting.”

If it comes together, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, check out the current interview tomorrow evening or after Wednesday by CLICKING HERE.


Hemingway's Lounge / Bukowski's Basement said...

Awesome, Bish... I'll be listening.

The King Of Cool said...

That's really cool. I'll definitely check it out.