Friday, August 8, 2008



Friend and writer extrodinaire Robert Randisi has been have tremendous (and well deserved) success with his series of Rat Pack mysteries published by St. Martin’s Press.

Three are currently two published books (Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime, Luck Be A Lady Don’t Die), a third set for publication in December (Hey There – You With The Gun In Your Hand), and a fourth in the writing process (You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You).

The books feature Sand’s Casino pit Boss Eddie G. who finds himself rubbing dangerous shoulders with the Rat Pack in ‘60s Vegas. The books are a lot of fun and must reading for all cool cats with a love for the era.

I heard from Bob yesterday with some very good news. He has sold the film rights to his first Rat Pack Mystery (Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime) to to Sandy Hackett, the late Buddy Hackett's son.

Bob will be writing the screenplay and the plan is to begin filming in January 2010. Sandy Hackett will star as Sands Casino pit boss Eddie G., who in the story is asked by Frank Sinatra to help find out who is sending Dean Martin threatening notes, while they are filming Ocean's 11 in 1960 Las Vegas. All of the Rat Pack members appear in the book, as well as other historical characters like Sands boss Jack Entratter, George Raft and Angie Dickinson.

I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket!


The King Of Cool said...

That sounds awesome. I'll definitely be wanting to see that.

Lee Goldberg said...

You need to get your hands on the French spy parody OSS 117 LE CAIRE NID D'ESPIONS starring Jean Dujardin. It captures the look, feel, and sound of the 60s spy movies perfectly. (A Making-of Documentary explains that the actors studied the body language and posture of James Coburn, Sean Connery, etc...and mimicked that. The Director of Photography even used vintage stage lights to create the same look). It's great. You can see pieces of the movie all over You Tube.