Monday, September 22, 2008



Both Bookgasm and The Rap Sheet have recent posts regarding Warren Murphy’s Long running paperback original Destroyer series.

Apparently, it looks as if Remo and Chin may be down for the count – done in not by some nefarious villian, but by the mechanations of a publishing house . . .

After jumping publishers from Gold Eagle to Tor, which led to four franchise-rebooting novels (most recently THE NEW DESTROYER: KILLER RATINGS), author and co-creator Warren Murphy reports in an online fan group, “everything with The Destroyer is basically on hold and I think Remo and Chiun, series-wise, are going on vacation for a while. Tor hasn’t offered us a contract and, frankly, if they did, I don’t think I’d entertain it. They were just not efficient at getting the books out on time.”

Co-author James Mullaney echoed the words of his writing partner, saying, “if I were to pin the biggest tail on this donkey, it’d be the fact that fans who were actively searching for the books simply could not find them in stores. That’s no way to run a railroad.”

However, while the book series is taking a nose dive, Murphy reports progress in Hollywood regarding a new film – following 1985’s unsuccessful REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS – is “promising.”

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The King Of Cool said...

Sad to hear about the issue with the publisher. I hope they could find somebody better. I do hope that they get a really cool movie out. I would love to see one done right.