Friday, September 12, 2008



Over at BOOKGASM, Rod Lott has a good review of Max Allan Collins' new Hard Case Crime novel, The First Quarry -- about Collins' sinister hitman character.

With 2006’s The Last Quarry, Collins put his professional hitman character of Quarry — not his real name, which you don’t need to know and he’s not going to reveal — to rest. Lucky for us, the author wasn’t through with him, so jumping back in time for a prequel solves the dilemma presented by retirement.

As one can glean, The First Quarry follows the hired gun on his initial job, in late 1970. But first, a little backstory on how he came to be hired: Quarry returned home from serving our country as a sniper in Vietnam, only to find his wife in bed with another man. After a little simmering time, Quarry goes to the guy’s house, where he finds him working underneath a car, so our cuckolded hero simply kicks the jack out from under the vehicle, crushing the guy to death.

Not believing the act was premeditated, the court takes pity on him, and the publicity surrounding the case brings him to the attention of a dapper gentleman known only as The Broker. He takes Quarry under his employ, assigning him with the task of offing a college professor, and then burning a manuscript the academian has in his possession. No further details are offered to the new hire.


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The King Of Cool said...

I love the Quarry books. He's one of my favorite literary characters. I definitely want to check this one out.