Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Despite her many movie roles, both campy and dramatic, I will always think of Angie Dickinson as Sgt. Pepper Anderson.

After a string of dubious movies, Dickinson turned a guest shot on Joe Wambaugh’s anthology series Police Story into the weekly televsion show Police Woman. The series became a hit with Dickinson reprising her roles as Sgt. Leann "Pepper" Anderson, an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department's Criminal Conspiracy Unit. The role consolidated Dickinson's star status internationally as Police Woman was shown in more than 70 countries.

The series lasted for four seasons from 1974-78. The impact of Police Woman resulted not only in a rash of sexy-but-strong female-driven series (mostly of a more fanciful nature) like Charlie's Angels, The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman during the mid-1970s, but Angie Dickinson's show reportedly inspired a spate of applications from women for employment to police departments around the country.

In 1987, the Los Angeles Police Department awarded Dickinson an honorary Doctorate, which led her to quip, “Now you can call me 'Doctor Pepper.”


Keith said...

I was a kid when her show was on, but it definitely left a mark on me. I've always loved Angie. What a gorgeous woman. Happy B-day to her. Cheers!

Terry Christie said...

Angie Dickinson was born on Wednesday September 30th 1931 in Klum,North Dakota and she is The Original American Actress.

She has appeared in The Hollywood Movies & TV Shows including Rio Bravo,Colt 45,Dial M For Murder,The Sins of Rachel Cade,Doctor Kildare,The Killers,Hollywood Wives,Police Woman,Pearl,Ringo,Rome Adventure,Jessica,A Fever in The Blood,Captain Newman,M.D,The Art of Love,The Chase,Cast A Giant Shadow,Poppy is Also The Flower,The Bramble Bush,Pretty Maids All In A Row,The Love War,Duets,Elvis Has Left The Building,Fire & Rain,Even Cowgirls Get The Blues,Ocean's 11,Give It My Life,Cry Terror,China Gate,Klondike Fever,Dressed To Kill,Death Hunt,Charlie Chan & The Curse of The Dragon Queen,Sabrina,The Last Producer,Point Blank,The Last Challenge,Sam Whiskey,Young Billy Young,Some Kind of Nut,Lucky Me and Mending Fences.

Angie Dickinson is my favourite Actress icon for many years.

Terry Christie,From Sunderland,Tyne & Wear