Saturday, February 21, 2009



Time to set the DVR for the latest Jesse Stone movie for television starring Tom Selleck as Robert Parker’s disolute hero. The movie, Thin Ice, will premier Sunday March 1st at 9PM on CBS.

I’ve enjoyed Selleck’s performance in the four previous films, so am looking forward to this one even though it is not based an any of the books in the sereis ~ as the previous movies were.

With a new Jesse Stone novel, Night and Day, ready to hit the book shelves next week, Resolution, the final book in Parker’s western trilogy, coming in June, and the first Young Spenser YA novel, Chasing The Bear, due in May, Parker is once again showing the influence he has not just in the mystery community, but well beyond.

In Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, Tom Selleck reprises his role in the fifth installment of the Jesse Stone franchise from Sony Pictures Television, which includes Stone Cold, Jesse Stone: Night Passage, Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise and Jesse Stone: Sea Change.

This time around, Paradise, Mass. Police Chief Jesse Stone finds himself in trouble with the Town Council when he inadvertently becomes involved in a shoot-out on a Boston street. His friend, State Homicide Commander Healy, is seriously wounded and Jesse comes under investigation by the Boston Police Department's Internal Affairs Division, which causes him to be away from Paradise for extended periods of time.Jesse further alienates the Council by firing the Paradise Police Department's most prodigious ticket writer, resulting in a considerable loss of revenue for the town.
His issues with the Council are further exacerbated when a celebrated out of towner shows up in Paradise in search of her missing child, and Jesse agrees to take her case. His continued defiance of the Council's wishes now begins to jeopardize his very job.

Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth reprise their roles as Paradise police officers. Stephen McHattie reprises his role as State Homicide Commander Healy, as does William Devane as Jesse's psychiatrist, Dr. Dix.

Camryn Manheim joins the cast as Elizabeth Blue, a desperate woman in search of her child along with Joanna as a woman in Paradise who helps Jesse with his search for the missing child and Leslie Hope, who stars as a beguiling and attractive internal affairs investigator.


David Cranmer said...

I own all these Stone movies on DVD and am looking forward to THIN ICE... A young Spenser in CHASING THE BEAR sounds awesome!

Keith said...

I'm looking forward to this movie. I've liked the other ones. Tom Selleck does a good job as the character.