Friday, May 22, 2009



The Dames, Dolls and Delinquents: A Collector's Guide to Sexy Pulp Fiction Paperbacks by Gary Lovisi - Now available!

It’s no secret the sexy and racy cover art of femme fatales from the golden age of paperbacks and magazines exalts the female form in all its sexy and sultry allure. Still today, these lustful, and sometimes lurid images are enticing and artistically inspiring.

In this book, from the founder and editor of Paperback Parade magazine, you will encounter an amazing assortment of nearly 700 full-color cover images of sexy, semi-dressed pin-up dolls, dangerous bad girls and deadly dames, not to mention lust, violence and passion expressed in fights and conflicts of all types.

In addition this reference to renegade literature features details to help with identification, including title, author, cover artist, publisher, date, and values for three grades of condition.

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Krause Publications
Price: $24.99

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Pat's Presence/Presents said...

I saw this book at shop (Krause's new collectible book site) and after I saw it was from the man who did Antique Trader Collectible Paperbacks I'm definitely getting it. He has some unique things in his books.