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Living his life one mistake at a time, and leaving it to his best friend, Finn, and sister, Kierra, to pick-up the pieces. We meet Johnny in the midst of a high-stakes poker game where pistols quickly become more than a side bet. As if trading ray blasts with the space-mob wasn’t enough, the trio must also contend with an unexpected adversary, one that will threaten more than just their lives…and what does this new enemy have to do with Johnny's distant past?

Presented in the tradition of pulp adventure serials from the early twentieth-century with a vibrant HI-FI modern twist, Mitch Gerads and Scott Dillon present an alternative reality where humanity is given a second chance – and a hero is born from it.

In the tradition of classic science fiction and action-adventure pulp stories, POPGUNPULP introduces the world to JOHNNY RECON, a high-flying adventure series about a man who prefers to fight his battles with charismatic wit first and his trusty ray-gun second. Sometimes.

Written by Scott Dillon Illustrated by Mitch Gerads.


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