Monday, January 11, 2010



The head honchos over at NBC should be rounded up and committed to Arkham Asylum for their own safety and our sanity.

Not only are they having to retreat from the complete fiasco of the ‘Leno experiment,’ but are now flailing about to find a remedy in the form of remaking classic series – an absolute receipt for disaster.

The six new series to which NBC has give a green production light include a remake of The Rockford Files and a U.S. version of Prime Suspect.

Not only did both of the original shows benefit from iconic performances by iconic actors, but they are also part and parcel of the era in which they were made. Prime Suspect in particular thrived because it showed the struggle of a female detective trying for THE FIRST TIME to make it as the head of a homicide unit – the whole ‘you can’t handle this job, little lady’ thing has since been done to death.

Hasn’t anybody at NBC checked the track list of successfully rebooted series? It’s shorter than the list of shows that have survived the transition from Britain to American versions – for every The Office, there is a graveyard full of Crackers.

Trying to update or tamper with either The Rockford Files or Prime Suspect while bringing in a hip and swinging, all pouty looks and no acting chops, twenty-something to fill the lead roles is just – arrrghhhh! The eighteen to twenty-five demographic so valued by advertisers may not remember Jim Garner or even Helen Mirren, but let me give the NBC executives a clue – that demographic isn’t watching that much television any more.

How in the world did the NBC programming department convince the Network Suits to kill off the soaring Southland and opt to rework a pair of all-time classics? NBC has turned itself into a fossil. The peacock is dead. It’s over. Stick a fork in it and sneak it onto the table for Thanksgiving.

In actuality, NBC is trying the reverse – taking the peacock beauty of two classic shows and turning them into turkeys. Curmudgeon that I am, I won’t be at the table when they are served.

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I agree - all this re-making is getting me down. Guess the studios are creatively dead.