Saturday, July 31, 2010



This year’s biggest summer blockbuster, Inception, would have made a good episode of the Twilight Zone – the original half-hour version. Yes, like most big action summer movies, Inception is bloated and self-congratulatory, so impressed with its own coolness it forgets being cool isn’t enough – you still have to tell an engaging story. And there-in lies Inception’s biggest flaw, it’s boring. BORING. Watching Inception is like watching somebody else play a multi-shooter video game, mildly engaging to start, but quickly yawn inducing.

It’s not that I didn’t get Inception’s story of dream invasion. Anybody who has ever read a Phillip K. Dick short story, will quickly pick up on the overly convoluted, exposition heavy, always twisting back on itself, multi-layered nonsense. The concept is fine, but a concept isn’t a story, nor does a concept in and of itself provide characters to care about.

There wasn’t a single character in Inception with enough depth to make them anything more than cardboard cut outs. Inception is all about concept and flashy CGI, and at two hours and twenty minutes long there’s no there there.

All of Inception’s main characters spend the last half of the film worried about not making it back from the dream world and ending up in limbo – which is the level of dream hell where viewers are placed for most of the film.

It isn’t that Inception is too smart, it’s that Inception isn’t smart enough.


Chris said...

I think my feelings about this movie are somewhere in the middle between the people raving about it and how you felt about it. It didn't bore me -- until about the last half hour or so, which was WAY overblown -- but it didn't really blow me away either. A lot of the hype that has been neck deep in hyperbole has rather put me off, though.

bish8 said...

Chris ! I think half of my rant come because of how overblown the hype has been.

A friend of mine, who is revered as a professional flim critic, said in print that it was the best sci-fi movie of all time. Apparently, he's never seen Blade Runner.

While I think my points are valid, it is that type of over-the top reveiw of the film, to which I am ultimately reacting.

Chris said...

Yeah, it's funny. Usually I go IN to movies irritated about the hype. This time, I saw it opening night, not because I was jazzed to see it, we just wanted to see a movie and I really didn't know what it was about. It wasn't until AFTER I saw it and all the people were going nuts over it online that I got irritated, heh.