Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Jimmy and Zuly Pumariega played a great game in this episode, which was filmed in Miami. They gave us very little with which to work and held up well under interrogation. They are a very nice couple who love each other and their kids, but I’m telling Jimmy he still owes me a steak dinner!

Out of the 80+ hours of filming for each episode, Take The Money And Run’s editors have to cut it down to the forty-eight minutes (with commercials rounding out the hour) that best tells each episode’s ‘story.’ The story for Episode 2: “Bam! Did I scare You?” (so named for Jimmy’s habit of trying to make Mary and I jump while interrogating him) seemed to be the frustration of focusing on the wrong end of the ‘hide’ route while this episode’s detective contestants, Joe Schillaci and Al Vila, searched for the briefcase and its $100,000 contents.

As interrogators, Mary and I were getting very little information from Jimmy and Zuly. Without interrogation’s big hammers of guilt and long term incarceration, we were trying our hardest to determine what they were lying about in order to make some logical (or illogical) assumptions as to the truth.

One of the things that ended up on the cutting room floor was when we found out Zuly had once worked at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach. Jimmy had dropped Zuly off and picked her up there numerous times. The ‘hide’ route went right past the location and, unbeknownst to us, the medical center was only four to six blocks away from the residence where Jimmy and Zuly actually hid the briefcase of cash.

As the interrogations wore on, Mary and I kept getting reactions from Jimmy and Zuly whenever we brought up the medical center. Unfortunately for the detectives in the field, these reactions were only incrementally different to the reactions we were getting when we interrogated Jimmy and Zuly about the end of the route. Still, we did send Joe and Al out to the medical center, where they searched the parking lots, interviewed the security personnel, and determined the briefcase wasn’t hidden there – it wasn’t, but it was close.

In fact, when time ran out, Joe and Al were back on Miami Beach driving the residential area near the Mt. Sinai Medical Center, almost on top of the residence where the briefcase was stashed. However, the case was well hidden, and there was no way it was going to be found in the allotted time, if ever.

This episode in particular posed an additional problem. For whatever reason, Joe and Al had it in their heads that Mary and I weren’t actually real life interrogators, but actors being used to distract them from finding the briefcase. I’m still not sure why this happened, but it led to some frustration on both sides. If all the law enforcement entities in a real world joint investigation aren’t working together, or there is an air of distrust, information either isn’t shared or is looked at with suspicion – wasting precious time and effort.

For Mary and I, working with the detective contestants is a two way street. We need information from them as much as they need information from us – and you might just see this in action real soon . . .



Nicolas Fradet said...

What I was thinking when I saw the show was why you didn't investigate the daughter a bit more. Although it made sense that they'd call her to say they'd be safe for the next 48h, I thought they had made a big mistake when SHE CALLED THEM BACK.

I was surprised the cops did not interview her in person to get a better read on her (instead of on the phone) and why that was never addressed by the investigation team.


BISH said...

Nicolas ~ The police contestants did actually interview the daughter in person, however, that scene along with many others ended up on the edititng room floor.