Wednesday, August 17, 2011



This has to be my favorite episode so far for two reasons. First, the Miami detectives Jorge Montero and Manny Muñoz worked so hard. When we determined together that the briefcase was hidden somewhere in the area of Banyan Road, they never gave up, systematically searching and searching until they found it.

Secondly, Jennie – the younger sister – used a great technique: closing her eyes during the ‘hide’. Even though she did have her eyes open some of the time, her telling us she closed her eyes did give Mary and I some moments of frustration. We just couldn’t believe a contestant could keep their eyes closed during the excitement of getting and hiding the briefcase. For us it verged on telling us gibberish – which is against the rules – so much so that I actually talked to the on set lawyers (we had three of them to help make rules decisions).

When they told me in this instance they were going to let Jennie continue to maintain she had her eyes closed, it really ticked me off – until it finally dawned on me she was telling the truth. Who knew? If there is anything Mary and I have learned from doing this show, it’s that you can't quantify human nature. What one person can’t imagine doing, another person will do in a heartbeat.

This episode really showed the detective contestants working with the interrogators. Jorge and Manny worked hard to develop leads. When you think how little they had with which to work – no phone calls, no receipts – it was amazing how much information they uncovered on the sisters, their friends, and their vending business.

It also turned out that aside from Eddie’s place, the sisters’ old residence, and their business address (which also turned out to be their current residence – with the dog barking inside), Jorge and Manny also uncovered the sisters’ parents’ address, which was also on the route. So, lots of places to check and eliminate – remember, the rule is if the detectives get to a location and there is nobody there, or if whoever is there won’t let them search, the location can be eliminated as a hiding spot.

The zigzag route driven by Rebecca (and wasn’t she a gem – very happy to tell the nationwide television audience she was ‘farting constantly’ during the interrogations) was actually a big clue. The route zigged and zagged, but basically on a straight line directly to the dead end of Banyan Road. And when Rebecca and Jennie drove away from Banyan, they practically made a direct beeline to the point where they were arrested. Drawn on a map, the route was an almost perfect V – with the point being Banyan Road.

The ‘human lie detector’ sequence Mary and I sometimes initiate is really about putting pressure on the person being interrogated. It makes them very conscious of all their body reactions, hopefully causing them to make other mistakes. In Rebecca’s case, she answered all the questions with an immediate and confident ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until Mary asked the key question: ‘Did you hide the briefcase at Banyan?’ You can then see Rebecca’s split second hesitation – a ‘tell’ – before she answers, ‘no.’

I’m not quite sure how, at the end of the show, Jennie could say she was proud of herself for ‘besting Mary Hanlon Stone at her own game.’ Really? Exactly who won this round? Perhaps she was a little faint from not eating her beans . . . And with her comment about ‘farting,’ perhaps Rebecca had been eating too many . . . Beans – the Take The Money And Run Blue Plate Special . . .

Kudos again to Manny and Jorge. They were great.



Nicolas Fradet said...

Happy to see you caught the slight hesitation when she answered no to the Banyan question, as your response did not make the show. She also flashed a micro-expression of fear at some point when discussing the Banyan road as well.


Nicolas Fradet said...

BTW this is great that you take the time to give us behind the scenes stuff!

I was rewatching the episode and wondered, when you questioned her again concerning the route, was it established that they DID NOT live in the house she pointed to on the map?

There was a lot of deception in this segment, and wanted to make sure that's what you meant in your post above (that she pointed to a house they were not leaving in at the moment).

thanks again

BISH said...

Yes, we figured out rather early that the sisters lived in the residence that was listed as the business address. The detectivs still checked the address on their driver's licenses simply as a matter of course because it was close to the route.

Even if you are sure somebody is telling the truth or telling a lie, you better check it out further or you're going to wind up looking foolish.

We also figured out early that Rebecca was not a waitress and that she also went to the same private high school as her sister.

The lie about the high school was important to us because the private high school 'both' sisters attended was within walking distance of Banyan -- which was where they would go to smoke and drink when they cut class...just like Mary says shortly after we arrived at Banyan the first time.

Nicolas Fradet said...

Awesome insight thanks a lot!

And congrats for this week's work!


Cap'n Bob said...

I've watched them all and enjoyed this one the most, even if I wanted to kick the cocky sister in the pants. By the way, now that you're at least $50,000 ahead could you make a small personal loan to an old scout? You know I'm good for it. Twenty grand would be lovely.

BISH said...

Cap'n - I'd share the wealth except Mary and I don't share in the winnings. We just get to move on to the next city and do it all over again...being under contract is a bear :)